How to prepare your horse for the vet.

When Onix and Ramon had to be gelded, I prepared them for the vet. I know my boys well and they are not so much used to man, make that more complicated if that man is a vet who is gonna give them a shot. They are used to the clicker system of positive reinforcement, so … Continue reading How to prepare your horse for the vet.

The story of Victor.

Life will be understood living backwards. How believes and thoughts influence our life and therefore our horses. Diving in my own history there are so many keys to be found the horses gave to me. Continue reading....

Dressage pattern design-tool, go creative in the squares. Download your free pdf’s now.

Get your dressage horse out of the arena, exercise is essential, but variety is the glue that keeps your training interesting. The Square boxes that I came up with, are a real fitness room for your horse.

Spirit before body.

I am deeply inspired by the academic art of riding. I was never drawn to dressage, the few lessons I had in the past both me and my horse did not enjoy. And modern competition dressage I can hardly look at without crying. READ MORE.......

Is your horse hard to catch?

Lets get into real problem solving instead dealing with a symptom. Read more.......

Is your horse allowed to speak?

Communication is a two way street. Is your horse a slave and just operating out of learnd helplesnes. Or is your horse allowed to give its opinion, and has the right to say no? Valuable tips that will improve your partnership with your horse.