The story of Victor.

Life will be understood living backwards. How believes and thoughts influence our life and therefore our horses. Diving in my own history there are so many keys to be found the horses gave to me. Continue reading....

Rider fitness, shoulder freedom, tension reliese.

I noticed lately that my shoulders hold a lot of tension, they lack a good 'shoulder freedom' and I wake up sometimes in the morning because my arms get sleepy. The doctor would call it frozen shoulder. The only remedie is movement.

Mindful horsemanship inspiration 4

Horses are perfect energy readers, so if we are wise we take mindfulness in action.

7 practical tips for calmness when your horse gets tensed on a trail ride.

If you have problems with your horse getting tensed when you are hacking out, it is important to have control over yourself. Trying to control your horse will typically produce more tension. The worse thing to do is pulling the reins this will put more fuel on the fire. Depending on the situation there are lots of things you can do.