Biggest annoyances horses have about humans 2.

Biggest annoyances horses have about humans part two. Do not tighten the girth to tight. I tell you this in name of the horses. I was once called to help a horse that had no go. This rider always tightened the saddle so much it really hurted his horse. It was not a wonder the … Continue reading Biggest annoyances horses have about humans 2.

Clinic report with Lucie Klaassen, part one.

We had a lovely weekend in Wiesenbach Austria. At the B&B Michlwirth and Reitstal Miesenbach with the lovely owners Kathy and Patrick. Iris and Sandra did a wonderful job organizing the Balanced horse and rider clinic with Lucie Klaassen. The atmosphere was friendly and we had a lot of fun, while we were learning. The … Continue reading Clinic report with Lucie Klaassen, part one.

The story of Victor.

Life will be understood living backwards. How believes and thoughts influence our life and therefore our horses. Diving in my own history there are so many keys to be found the horses gave to me. Continue reading....

Kedves Magyarok, Lucie Klaassen jönn magyarországra!

LUCIENAK VAN KETÖ CSÖDER, FENTI KÉPEN MUTAT EZ AZ EGYIK. Ö EPPEN SZABADON KINT, OLYAN JÒL A KAPCSOLAT, A LÓ MEG A LOVAS KÖZÖT. Sziasztok mindenki! Láttom sok magyar látogatók magyarorszagrol jött a blogom. Szeretném ösze jönni, mert jól volna ezt a honlap forditani a magyarnyelvben. Van egy tervem, hogy ide hozom lò trénerek tanitani … Continue reading Kedves Magyarok, Lucie Klaassen jönn magyarországra!

Rider fitness, shoulder freedom, tension reliese.

I noticed lately that my shoulders hold a lot of tension, they lack a good 'shoulder freedom' and I wake up sometimes in the morning because my arms get sleepy. The doctor would call it frozen shoulder. The only remedie is movement.

Dressage pattern design-tool, go creative in the squares. Download your free pdf’s now.

Get your dressage horse out of the arena, exercise is essential, but variety is the glue that keeps your training interesting. The Square boxes that I came up with, are a real fitness room for your horse.

Endless pattern inspiration with squares.

This decievenly simple set up,but you can use it like a fitness school for you and your horse. For Csiki it is important to make straight long lines as well. I want to be carefull with her she has sensitive hocks and she is a little overweight. Now I can ride her on the pasture for some cardio, then go over to the boxes and do some concentrated work. To go out again for some happy laps on long rein. Flat work so to say, in walk trot and canter.