De-spook yourself.

Probably everybody knows the importance of training your horse to de-spook at scary objects. But how about you? How spooky are you yourself?

If a mare loves you.

I introduced a new human to my horses. And they came all running towards us to smell our new guest. I have never seen a human staying in this wonderful energy of peace when suddenly all horses came really close so investigate him. My horses told me that this is a special human. And they … Continue reading If a mare loves you.

What have you ‘human’ done for me lately

Our horses are pretty good in calculating what is in it for them.  I want to share a few thoughts on keeping a good relationship with your horse. I have to add to this that this is only one tiny aspect of the happy horse concept. For example: If your horse lives in a stall … Continue reading What have you ‘human’ done for me lately

What goes around…

What goes around comes around. Onix is a hot-tempered son of a PRE stallion and his bossy mother. For a while his language was always written in hooves and teeth. Specially on moments when he felt overwhelmed with emotions. When Ramon and Onix were weaned of, they had spent almost two years in the herd … Continue reading What goes around…

Transformational days.

Wednesday I had a conversation with Dáma, she showed me her sorrow. She was sad that she had no foals anymore. She always had foals and they were taken away from her. She sees Onix and Ramon grow up. And she just wants one for herself and stay together When I promised her that she … Continue reading Transformational days.

Playing with the elements, the wind.

We had a windy day, and we did some confidence building. My horses live on 2,5 hectare pasture, and their environment is pretty much the same all the time. Not so much room for mental stimulation. I want to have confident horses, so I give them possibilities to investigate things. First on safe ground then … Continue reading Playing with the elements, the wind.

Want versus allow, a big difference for your horse.

A fine example of the need to be aware of your energy. Lesson given to me by Onix and Ramon. Make energy work for you.

Is your horse allowed to speak?

Communication is a two way street. Is your horse a slave and just operating out of learnd helplesnes. Or is your horse allowed to give its opinion, and has the right to say no? Valuable tips that will improve your partnership with your horse.