Pasture paradise.

Today the horses got new places to explore. Horses do not belong in stalls, the reason why domesticated horses show so many behavioural issues is simply because they cannot be horse anymore. And sadly people do not understand enough about the true nature of horses to see that their horses are not exposing normal behaviour. … Continue reading Pasture paradise.

Where you find connection.

Horses can teach you the power of absoluut quiet. There is a connection in the deepest quiet with the endlesness. That is the realm of the horse spirit. And the place to connect with all. I am following this road. I have my horses as zen masters. If you are able to be quiet, you … Continue reading Where you find connection.

PPD resonances and horses.

The PPD’s help everybody to have the best possible state of mind for being with horses. And the positive effects will show up in all aspects of your life.

Mindful horsemanship inspiration 4

Horses are perfect energy readers, so if we are wise we take mindfulness in action.

Mindful horsemanship inspiration 3

This happened to me. That is why my horse Csik really helps me to staying the moment. Read more.....

Mindful horsemanship inspiration 2

Our equines always live in the present, and they are fully aware of our mental and emotional energy. Read more...