Sunday Inspiration

Horse riding and body awareness. If you ride your horse try to feel the ground under your feet. Inhale and exhale trough your whole chest and stomag into the horse helps you and the horse relax. It also brings our center more down so we are one with the horse and not just floating above. … Continue reading Sunday Inspiration

Wednesday inspiration.

  To connect with a strange horse. In fact requiers doing nothing. Only if you have a lesson in a clinic, you have the feeling you must do and act because yeahh you just paid for that lesson. That is why Lucie has to come to Hungary. So I can work with my own horses. … Continue reading Wednesday inspiration.

What have you ‘human’ done for me lately

Our horses are pretty good in calculating what is in it for them.  I want to share a few thoughts on keeping a good relationship with your horse. I have to add to this that this is only one tiny aspect of the happy horse concept. For example: If your horse lives in a stall … Continue reading What have you ‘human’ done for me lately

Where you find connection.

Horses can teach you the power of absoluut quiet. There is a connection in the deepest quiet with the endlesness. That is the realm of the horse spirit. And the place to connect with all. I am following this road. I have my horses as zen masters. If you are able to be quiet, you … Continue reading Where you find connection.

My horse my Zen-master.

I felt the need to work on my garden. Because there it is where the energy was stuck lately. If I am creating I often find myself surrounded by chaos, my mind is only on the task of the matter. I can untill a certain level perfectly live with some chaos. 'It eases the mind … Continue reading My horse my Zen-master.

My horse has the nose of a dragon.

If you ever meet a horse with this shape of nose, be aware that you are in fact dealing with a dragon. You know, these creatures who were used to be test the bravest human, if they would succeed to finish their quest. I am a dragon myself, in chinese astrology. Me and my horse we … Continue reading My horse has the nose of a dragon.