How to prepare your horse for the vet.

When Onix and Ramon had to be gelded, I prepared them for the vet. I know my boys well and they are not so much used to man, make that more complicated if that man is a vet who is gonna give them a shot. They are used to the clicker system of positive reinforcement, so … Continue reading How to prepare your horse for the vet.

Spring is in the air.

Onix and Ramon were playing stallion games in the morning after they woke up from a sleepy hour in the early morning sun rays. The sun rises early in Hungary. The rithm of the Hungarian low lands are different then in Holland. I am preparing the place for visitors. I decided that it would be … Continue reading Spring is in the air.

Comming soon!

Time is sacred, so every minute you spend on the internet can be waisted or... can be used to find inspiration and learn and grow. That is why my intention is to give lots of valuable information. Because there is no time to waste. Life must be lived. I am working on some really exciting things now!