What you get is what to work/play with.

 I used the water hose first time this year. The water trunks I had placed in the shade of the acacia trees in front of the shed. This is the summer position. The alges stay out and the water stays cool. I Never let horses drink from water trunks that are heated by the sun. … Continue reading What you get is what to work/play with.

Playing with the elements, the wind.

We had a windy day, and we did some confidence building. My horses live on 2,5 hectare pasture, and their environment is pretty much the same all the time. Not so much room for mental stimulation. I want to have confident horses, so I give them possibilities to investigate things. First on safe ground then … Continue reading Playing with the elements, the wind.

Foundation training, building trust and confidence.

My principles always come down to the connection I share with my horses so it is important to me that they learn to feel Safe with me where ever I take them. They can rely on me, and to keep everything positive I take notion of their feelings and I aim to help, if they need assistance.