Biggest annoyances horses have about humans 2.

Biggest annoyances horses have about humans part two.

Do not tighten the girth to tight.

I tell you this in name of the horses.

I was once called to help a horse that had no go. This rider always tightened the saddle so much it really hurted his horse. It was not a wonder the horse refused to walk.

Not only the treed saddles can hurt the back muscles of the horse because it seldom firts 100% Under their belly horses have a pressure point. Almost all hores are extra sensitive at that certain place on their body. This is the place where the girth is felt the most due to the mechanical influences. Lot of time people feel with their hand under the girth directly under the saddle on sides of the horse and notice they can easily slide their hand under so they assume it is not tight enough. While under the belly it fits tight enough. But they overlook this fact.

If you cannot mount like an indian, you better use a mounting block. ( For people who state the saddle will slide under the horse while mounting, this includes myself )

And if you need a saddle for balancing you might need lessons to learn to sit. ( So there are no excuses if this is reason you tighten the girth too much. )

In Hungary they have a special saddle, made out of felt and leather. With nice small cavalry stirrups. But they have NO GIRTH. These csikós know what balance is.

palackütõ csikós

Their saddles are bareback pads with stirrups and no girth. Real safe..

images (2).jpg

Patrac, the Hungarian name of the bareback-pad. This is all it is.

Master Nuno Oliviera seemed to be famous for having his girth sometimes real lose. According to Heather Moffet, author of Enlightened equitation.

She had lessons from a student of Oliviera, do not remember his name. (But it is written in Heather Moffet her book if you want to check me out on this)

He told Heather, when pupils of Oliviera mentioned something about the girth that it had to be tightened. He asked that pupil to remove the girth completely and demonstrated that he could ride without. 

images (1).jpg        653860

I love threeless saddles better because they fit like a glove. And to make yourself a comfortable load for your horse. You have to stay fit and not too heavy…… Learn to feel the best balance and the best feeling for the horse. The seat is the main aid we have.

My saddles I prefer to mount with a mounting block, the horses have room to move every muscle under the saddles. That is why I love them, and all horses I have used them on loved the tree less feeling of the saddle.

Do not annoy your horse. Think about how you tighten the girth and do regular sadlle fit checks.





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