Biggest annoyances horses have about humans 1

It is summertime again. And every year I meet with people who still believe in this myth, that they cannot give water to their horse water after the training or hacking out. They put thirsty horses in a stable and close the water for two hours.

This is absolute cruelty, on hot days horses can get dehydrated easily because they sweat so much. For people who believe in this myth that you cannot water your horse after work. I have worked on the racing track and rode endurance and if we would have waited two hours after work before giving water to the poor horses they would have died from dehydration.

After the race they always got half a bucket of water, and after some walking they could drink as much as they could. After normal training they were just put back into their stalls and drink from the automatic drinking device. Never did we close the water supply.

This myth of waiting two hours before giving the horse his water, is staying alive leaving lots of horses suffering longing for a good drink filling up fluids that they have lost on a long hack or good workout. You can find plenty of information about this myth on the internet so I will not go into details.


Endurance horse drinking water.. In endurance it is a challenge to get enough water into the horse. Especially if they are dehydrated it can be more difficult to let them drink enough. So be happy if your horse is thirsty and wants a good drink. 

Give your horses water if they are thirsty, do not let them suffer. Enjoy the summer and care for your horses.

Let the horse be with you!



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