Natural nourishing mosquito/horse-fly repellant. 100 effective, make it yourself.

After years of trying all kind of home-made recipes for natural mosquito/horse-fly repellant. I settled down with my best ever solution. It works, so nothing needs change anymore. It is nourishing the skin, just as my natural Tick repellant is safe for your horse to be used on the skin.


I am giving away my best ever fly spray recipe, and as a bonus you will get my hoof moistering fluid recipe as well.

If you live in a place where there are lots of horse-flies life can get really unpleasant for our horses. Stuff from the shops often work well but it is simply not affordable to treat all my horses every day.


This are the ingredients of my fly-spray.

My horsy friend and ex-eventing rider Melani Charlton is very content with my fly-spray.   Since she tried it out she makes it herself now.


Quote from Melani (on the picture above) : ” Since years I mix my own fly spray, using basic ingredients like vinegar, black tea and different oils like citronella, tea tree, lavender and eucalyptus. One day I went hacking with my friend and I noticed not only a distinct ‘unpleasant’ smell of her horse. But also that her horse unlike mine had hardly any flies around. Then I remembered once she had told me she mixes this special blend of fly spray”


Hacking out can be horrible with dancing and nervous horses if you ride through places where there are lots of blood sucking insects. I never leave home without using it.

I will send the recipes by email. All I ask in return is a free of choice, voluntary donation to help me keeping my beloved herd together.

Sometimes in your life things need change. I need to go on and find another place to live. Transporting my herd to the new location won’t be easy due to finances and I cannot think about leaving them behind. . That is why I ask donations free of choice, and I will send my two amazing recipes so you can use them for your horses. And your donation helps my horses being transported to our new habitat.

How to get your recipe? Just send me an email to

Let the horse be with you!




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