Biting the sand again.

My lesson from yesterday…. Always stay alert. It is this precious art of balancing being allert and fully relaxed at the same time.

If you would like to see what happened click here 😁

Because we are going so nicely together lately, and or I was too much focusing on something else. My mind wandered off of what I was doing. I was riding bareback in one of the paddocks. In the paddock next to us Dáma suddenly appeared making noises cracking wood and bushes. If I was more aware I would have seen felt her coming.


We have a lot of nice shady places in the paddocks, but bushes and the noises from the cracking woods can also startle a horse if you try to ride in one of these paddocks.

It startled Csiki who was also deeply focused on some dressage exercises. And before I knew I found myself in the sand again. Landing softly on the hard dirt.

If you would like to see how it happened click here

She did it again, she is my great teacher. What exactly is she teaching me?

Well that is I guess to: Stay in the moment, never let my mind drift away. Use all my senses and never focus in on only one direction. But to have a soft focus on me myself my horse and my thoughts and to take notice of my surroundings at the same time. Being alert but relaxed.

The other thing she is teaching me is to never give up, and even though I did bite the dust again. I did not lose my self-esteem. I immediately saw my lesson and I will learn.

Once upon a time I had read an article in a big horse magazine from Holland. About a famous international jumping horse called ‘the Sjiem’ The rider had to bite the dust with this horse now and then throughout the whole career of his  successful jumping horse. I keep that in mind if now and then I find myself hit the sand.

As long as it does not happen weekly anymore, read the story of Victor.

Last time I fell off during a similar awareness issue coming from my adres, was about a year ago. We are getting better at it ☺☺☺ definitely!


Csíki and me before she dumped me 😁 mmm… no. Before I became unaware.


Let the horse be with you!

Stay aware…… Esther


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