What you get is what to work/play with.

 I used the water hose first time this year. The water trunks I had placed in the shade of the acacia trees in front of the shed. This is the summer position. The alges stay out and the water stays cool. I Never let horses drink from water trunks that are heated by the sun. This is a stove for bacteria and alges, this can be a big strain on your horses health. And they are likely not happy to drink from this water as well, so their water intake would not be big enough with dehydration as result. 

When I turned on the water I found out the water hose was perforated in two places, instead of a big spurt, I got lesser water out of the end, but I had sprinklers where the hose was perforated. With horses there is a major rule that one shall always work with the circumstances given at the moment. So instead of thinking that it was something bad, I immediately saw the good side of the damage. Because I always water the sand in the paddock in front of the walk in shed. This helps keeping the dust away, and it is good for the horses hoofs to get moist. So I was quite content with what happened.

It took me a little longer before the trunks were filled, but while I was filling them up I did a short standing meditation. When the horses had their fresh water I placed the hose in different positions on the ground. To water the sand. While the hose was watering the paddock I used my time feeding Csiki and Ramon their daily supplements. This way of working is so relaxing, everything goes with the flow.

When I had put Ramon his bucket on the floor he was so eager for his meal he stood with his hind legs in the sprinkling water from the hose. When I saw that, I smiled, because he is only three-year old and all these kind of things he still has to learn. If you go with the flow. It  seems circumstances set themself up for your benefit. Or it is the art to just work with what is?       It is what it is….

By the time I went in to get my camera, Ramon had positioned himself differently. But nevertheless you can see how he is relaxed and eating while water is flowing everywhere around him. This is good for his foundation training, to get him used to all alien things he could encounter in his future. Getting used to the ‘human’ world. And he can figure things out by himself, this makes his fundation solid and sound!


Ramon getting used to spraying water all around, just a joment before he stood with both hindlegs in the sprinkling water. Where he positioned himself, the most natural way to get used to water hoses. This way they can figure everything out in their own pace of what they can handle. And the more stimulus they get the more savy they become in problem solving, or should I say the better they become in determinating horse ‘eating’ waterhoses from ‘vegan’ water hoses 😀 

Let the horse be with you!



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