Amazing thing that is called life. I had made an agreement with the birds, and year after year they leave me my cherry. I have got a huge cherry tree and our agreement is that all cherrys that I can reach are mine. And the rest of the fruit is all for the birds. approximately 1/4 is mine and the rest for them.


My part of the tree.

They always finish their part of the fruit first, and I eat slower I like to pick the cherry fresh and I eat a few weeks from my part of the tree.


The birds are always eating their part before I finish mine.

The starlings like to start the cherrys almost from day one that they get red, they do not have lots of Patience and they lived in noisy groups in my garden as soon as the cherrys became ready. The sparrows are kind and polite they live under my roof, and I even forgive the little baby sparrows if they accidentally start to eat from my cherrys they are modest and never eat much.

The thirth bird species are the orioles and they like the fruits ripe, just like me. They are so perky, and they made me stand in big smile. There was a group of 6 orioles flying over my tree provoking me by being extremely
Loud and they faked an attack on my part of the cherries. How wonderful they just provoked me and then they left. And I had still cherries for breakfast this morning.

Switching from birds to horses, in order to have a harmonious relationship with them it also comes down to agreements. I have agreements with my horses, they join me in the things that I like to do, like riding them and other not so natural activities that we humans just mindlessly undertake. My part of the agreement with them is that I take care of them, and that I put an effort in our relationships just as much as I expect them to put effort in.



To give you an idea, this morning I had put some hay out for the herd all the way far from our stable and paddock. I put a rope around Csiki her neck and I asked her to follow me, the whole herd followed us to the hay. They could not know it was out there because that place is to far out of sight. First Csiki was a little hesitating, but she found out later that I was just being kind and they were all happy. This are the little tiny details of our agreement. My intention is that I want to be as much joy for my horses as they are to me.


If you think about your relationship with your horse, what agreements do you share together? Is it fulfilling for both parties? It are the little gestures that can make a great difference in how your horse is seeing you in their relationship with you.


Let the horse be with you!


One thought on “Agreements.

  1. Bela Johnson says:

    Good to see you posting, once again – I’m spotty checking WP as well, so might be me 😉
    You are a sister under the skin. I, too have agreements with birds about figs. And yes, you are so right that we need to have these communications/agreements with all of nature’s creatures and nature, herself. Imagine the balance that would return if we all did this 😉 Aloha.

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