Lately I visited a hindu temple.

At first there seemed nobody there, we enjoyed our walk through the beautiful park around the temple.

Just when we thought of heading home, one of the inhabitants of the community appeared on a grass mower machine. He was so in peace and had such a radiant smile we did not know if he had seen us. But off course he did and he welcomed us. He opened the temple for us and we had a conversation about the temple and their history.  His smile and his whole being worked through me ever since we left the temple. And reminded me I had lost my own smile and state of peace somewhere along the line. Not that I never smile anymore. But I realized that I may have stopped this state of being when I grew up.


In my younger days it was my nature, and this natural state comes from deep within. And I realized how this feeling of total peace and pure happiness is a major key to the good relationship with the horses I had in my life back than. Especially Michael, he was a troubled old grumpy stallion. And as children we took him in our care. All grow up people were afraid of him nobody took interest in his loneliness. Without the tools and without any knowledge we became his best friend. I want to share this story so much for a long while now. Because Michael gave me so much lessons I can only now, 30! years later understand. He was a true angel to us.

And there was a woman in my past who gave me some keys as well. Her name is Claudia and she let me ride green race horses. We hacked them out into the village and to the park and the dunes. Our first traject was along the railroad. And it was a busy railroad so we could always count on an encounter with fast passing by trains.

Claudia always smiled she was like a buddha on a horse, her smile came from total trust and joyful inner peace. Every horse who first rode along this road stayed calm with her. Her horses never freaked out. And because she was my role model, my horses reacted the same. Claudia her presence in new situations always carried on to me. We even made some games out of it. We loved to ride our horses through the most exciting places and we enjoyed how they always stayed calm with us.


Me and Csiki found a new state of mind together. We are riding alone again, after a history of bolting and two accidents. I am glad I remember Claudia, be like Claudia it helps!

I am grateful to have all these lessons from my past. And I am working things out now. Everything comes from within ourselves, we do not have to search outside. I have finally overcome my trauma from  my accident with Csiki. I am riding her alone again on the trail. I am ready for more learning and I am happy to share.

For people who need more confidence or who want more confident horses.

It is all about your own personal development!





It is all your horse needs from you. Everything lies within you. You may start your inner journey and find out what you have lost and how to restore. It is not a quick fix, it is a way of living. Our sacret equine friends can help us on our quest.

Let the horse be with you!


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