De-spook yourself.

Probably everybody knows the importance of training your horse to de-spook at scary objects.

But how about you? How spooky are you yourself?

I had an accident few years ago with my horse Csík, who is very sensitive to my thoughts and feelings. I had created this accident all by myself. And in recovering from this trauma I followed a journey gaining my confidence in myself again. This made me learn a lot about myself and keeping my mind collected and quiet. As well did we travel the road to a better partnership. We have come a long way and I am still learning, that is the beauty of the process. To be aware and open to my consciousness on our interactions. How I influence my horse, and my horse me. It is a delicate and fine line how we are connected to each other.


One of my favorite things to do with my horse is taking her on walks out on the trail. Just walking her on a long lead rope together as preparation to riding out. I feel more and more confidence in me and her. And my awareness led me to the knowledge that I sometimes blur into the role of prey animal. Getting aware was the first step to solve this.

Lately I was walking Csík on a nice sunny day. And ups, there was a little spook, a tiny one. But I was aware that I was the one who started it. When my little dog came running up from behind. I heard myself saying ‘ups’ and my horse reacted a split second later. I was glad I saw it was me who startled her. This realization helped me to focus even better, to stay connected and grounded. To stay in tune.

It can be so subtile like a little raise in energy going from me to my horse. While other moments it is the other way around flowing from my horse to me. And when she checks in at a moment she has a little worrie I can show her my energy still calm. This can only happen if I am in the present. It happens often quick and small before things get out of hand. Fine tuning is a great way to gain both horse and human confidence.

Our horses can never be confident with us if we hold even the slightest tension. And walking our horses everywhere with awareness is a great tool to gain inside information of our own confidence. And that of our horses.

Be fully present in the moment and enjoy and relax. Things stay safe for horse and rider if we start this from the ground. If you can learn to turn your energy back to neutral more and more easy now and stay there. Your horse will be able to stay there as well. The magic connection is to be found if we learn to tune into ourself first. To realize what is coming from the horse and what is comming from us. Is a key to a better partnership.


There is so much to learn just by walking your horse with awareness. Enjoy each other and celebrate life together.

Let the horse be with you!


2 thoughts on “De-spook yourself.

  1. belasbrightideas says:

    I always walked my horses, which brought a smile and laugh to some guys who saw me doing it – especially in Hawaii. But it’s a different relationship with both of us on the ground. As for horses picking up on our doubts and fears, try jumping without being absolutely certain of what you and your horse are doing. I’ve done this to a small extent, and to a larger extent, used to watch Olympic events when injuries would happen on a jumping course. Horse balks at jump, throws rider. I always knew it really was the human who was afraid or hesitant. Never punish a horse for something its human has caused. Aloha!


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