If a mare loves you.

Zonder titel26-1

If a mare loves you she will treat you like her foal, she wil defend you.

I introduced a new human to my horses. And they came all running towards us to smell our new guest. I have never seen a human staying in this wonderful energy of peace when suddenly all horses came really close so investigate him. My horses told me that this is a special human. And they were right as always. Because they are, amen.

This human made me search words for explaining who I am and what horses are to me. There are treasures to be found in some memories. The following memories pops up in my conciousness now.

Once upon a winter evening I checked on the horses. They were all at the gate, and the pony I wanted to see closer stood a little behind them. Because Csik was really bossy that times still.

The pony was sweating because I hacked her out.  And I wanted to feel if her coat was drying yet. I knew Csíki would like to come with me and chase the pony away. To solve this I made a mistake. I opened the gate and went straight and kinda quick towards the pony her direction. Before I knew Csíki bit me in my shoulder, in a reflex she defended the pony. Thinking I had bad intentions. I could not blame Csiki for her reaction, I was witness of something beautiful. She defended her friend. An other horse to whom she was not always friendly to. But justice for all. She holded me by grabbing my shoulder in her mouth and it felt like being hit by lightening speed. I was not hurt wearing warm winther clothing.

Later in my life, when I was running crazy and the horses bucking and jumping, my rescue chestnut started to charge me. Like a bull, I fell on the ground and thought that she would quit her attack if I just did nothing. But she kicked me. And kept charging at me. Suddenly Csíki came in between me and the chestnut and led me out the paddock. This time she helped me, can you believe how I look at horses now?

Yesterday I stood in front of the walk in shed, wich was donated by the Dutch Scouts group. I am still grateful for that gift. My horses all crowded me for a groups hug. I felt so safe with them. The boys always play their stallion play fights, biting each other over my head. Onix sometimes when he stands behind me, opens his mouth real wide and real close to an arm or shoulder. I tell him just simple I do not bite you I do jot play that game, so he behaves the same. Simple peaceful rule to life by. Horses are thoughtful thinking beings.

My first grooming pony was a 17 year old agressive stallion, I was 11 when he came into my life. I had to negociate with him as well. And I soved most problems with carrots and if that did not help I gave him his way.  The story will be soon be published.

I will do everything I can to show you. Things about horses that you did not know.

Zonder titel26-1 Let the mare be with you.

3 thoughts on “If a mare loves you.

  1. belasbrightideas says:

    Whoah – and OUCH! I’ve not had these kinds of horse encounters. But we’ve only ever had 3 horses at a time – not a whole herd. Maybe that changes the behavior. I would also stand still – and have done so – when a herd of ranch horses approached me. But yes, now when I’m in their midst, I will have to see how this protection works. I’ve seen what I would call jealousy, but maybe I’m wrong. Cheers!

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    • let the horse be with you says:

      Csíki is protecting and not jelouse. She positioned herself a week ago between Onix who chased Dáma to turn her but and stop him. The chestnut was recovering from abuse. This horse attacked every human who entered her field. At the time I was running and playing wild games this triggered her into her old behaviour. Csíki came rescue me all my guests saw it happening it was on my birthday. I know this is kinda special that is why I wrote about it. Csíki has this justice idear and act to that. Just like she would protect a foal. She protects me and also other herd members. I am not talking about food related aggresion this is different. You can see that jelousy if you enter a field of horses that they can bite eachother to be the closest to the human (food source) My horses never expose this behaviour, I have goodies in my pockets all the time but they are well introduced to that. Because I work with positive reinforcement and food rewards I am precise in my timing and I have respectful horses. They do not get anxcious when I have food on me. Cause I always have and they know the rules. This is a good topic to write about. Lot of people struggle with food rewards. It triggers the survival part of brain. The competition for food if limitid sources are available. Cheers!

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