Clinic report with Lucie Klaassen, part one.

We had a lovely weekend in Wiesenbach Austria. At the B&B Michlwirth and Reitstal Miesenbach with the lovely owners Kathy and Patrick. Iris and Sandra did a wonderful job organizing the Balanced horse and rider clinic with Lucie Klaassen. The atmosphere was friendly and we had a lot of fun, while we were learning.


Sitting in the morning sun for breakfast.

The balanced horse and rider Clinic started on friday with body awareness. We practised breathing in the proper way so we can use it as an attention aid and to stop a horse from our breathing. And another important aspect of using our breathing consciously is that we can help solve tension in ourself and the horses.


Our morning landscape view.

We did all kinds of body alignment exercises to get our spine straight and especially for me….. To get my head on top. I have a tendency to hold my head a little in front of the rest of my spine.

To have a balanced and soft open seat it is important to have our hips and psoas muscle mobile. We did yoga to help supping the hips and giving the psoas a relies. I can feel my body needs more attention. This has to become a routine for every rider who wants to improve.


Working at my posture.

My last riding lesson was 29 years ago, I was a little bit nervous. The first lesson was groundwork. It was strange to do that with a horse who I had never met before. But nevertheless a nice challenge. When I had my first riding lesson. Calido is a real sweetheart. He was a retired show jumper with a lovely character, we bonded quickly. The next day I was totally relaxed.


Kathy was so kind to lend me her lovely giant Calido who was a real sweetheart.

My friend Melani and me had a great weekend with Lucie. We hope to get her in October to come to Hungary so we can ride our own horses. Everybody who is interested please feel free to get in contact.

Let the horse be with you!


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