How to prepare your horse for the vet.

When Onix and Ramon had to be gelded, I prepared them for the vet. I know my boys well and they are not so much used to man, make that more complicated if that man is a vet who is gonna give them a shot. They are used to the clicker system of positive reinforcement, so … Continue reading How to prepare your horse for the vet.

How to help your ‘herd bound’ horse.

Making shaping plans to solve problems can help. Take your time to think about how to solve problems and use patience so you can build new behaviour step by step.

De-spook yourself.

Probably everybody knows the importance of training your horse to de-spook at scary objects. But how about you? How spooky are you yourself?

Sunday Inspiration

Horse riding and body awareness. If you ride your horse try to feel the ground under your feet. Inhale and exhale trough your whole chest and stomag into the horse helps you and the horse relax. It also brings our center more down so we are one with the horse and not just floating above. … Continue reading Sunday Inspiration

If a mare loves you.

I introduced a new human to my horses. And they came all running towards us to smell our new guest. I have never seen a human staying in this wonderful energy of peace when suddenly all horses came really close so investigate him. My horses told me that this is a special human. And they … Continue reading If a mare loves you.

Pasture paradise.

Today the horses got new places to explore. Horses do not belong in stalls, the reason why domesticated horses show so many behavioural issues is simply because they cannot be horse anymore. And sadly people do not understand enough about the true nature of horses to see that their horses are not exposing normal behaviour. … Continue reading Pasture paradise.

Wednesday inspiration.

  To connect with a strange horse. In fact requiers doing nothing. Only if you have a lesson in a clinic, you have the feeling you must do and act because yeahh you just paid for that lesson. That is why Lucie has to come to Hungary. So I can work with my own horses. … Continue reading Wednesday inspiration.

Experiment: natural tick repellent for horses.

Spring has started and so did tick season .. Ticks can be a real problem for horses. Creating skin infections and ticks can carry  bacteria and diseases. The invasions seem to get worse each year. And we live in a place with lot of deers and other wildlife who all carry ticks. Even on the … Continue reading Experiment: natural tick repellent for horses.

Clinic report with Lucie Klaassen, part one.

We had a lovely weekend in Wiesenbach Austria. At the B&B Michlwirth and Reitstal Miesenbach with the lovely owners Kathy and Patrick. Iris and Sandra did a wonderful job organizing the Balanced horse and rider clinic with Lucie Klaassen. The atmosphere was friendly and we had a lot of fun, while we were learning. The … Continue reading Clinic report with Lucie Klaassen, part one.