I am looking for Co-creators for my brand new bitless headstall concept.


Note:  this is not the final look of the headstall, this is the prototype, I have carefully put together for function. And I have been test riding it for three years, the end product will be made by professional harness makers, from high quality materials and technic. For example the leather string will be a leather strap with buckle. And the steel part hackamore will be from rfs or brass.

I am looking for co-creators, for the ‘OKOS’ hackamore.

Let me first explain what the ‘okos’ hackamore is. And my personal history with bit less riding. 

The first time I experimented bitless riding, was when I trained trotters under the saddle. Some horses were so hot and hard mouthed cause of the way they are thought to pick up speed, the more you pull the faster they go… That I attached the reins to a low noseband, this calmed down the hottest horses in an instant. (I was training racehorses but already back then, I searched for relaxation in the otherwise anxious race horses) Riding bitless resolves tension and brace caused by the bit in the mouth.

Later in my life, I experimented with riding in rope halters, side pull headstalls, cross linked headstalls, english hackamores, and riding with a cavesson.   The cross linked headstall is friendly but it has bad relies. My hackamore is a mixture of side pull and hackamore.  And my hackamore has slightly more bite then riding in simple side pull, in case of emergency.

I also do ride with curb bits, the curb chain has its purpose in signaling to the horse. Less educated horses have to be ridden with double rein in combination with a cavesson, because you cannot ride with lateral rein aids in the curb alone. I like the fine signals of the curb bit. I searched for that in my ‘okos’ hackamore.

The english hackamore gave me the most control, with thick-necked self willing horses. But I found it too harsh. They reacted a little bit too well on rein pressure, my intention is to signal my horse and not applying too much force. Another minor of the english hackamore, Same problem with the curb bit, you cannot use lateral rein aids with an english hackamore because it collapses if you use one rein. Plus the curb from the english hackamore is always placed too high under the yaw. Another bad thing is the cheek piece always slides up towards the horses eye. We have to be carefull with our horses, halters or headstalls intervering with the eye can cause eye lesions. And are no pleasure for the horse to endure. Offcourse this disadvantages are not found in my ‘okos’ hackamore. In a way it was helpful for me to know what I not want in a bit less bridle.


English hackamore, the nose band is always lower than the chin leather/chain. And it is not possible to use lateral rein aids, because it collapses. All new inventions of this concept have the same old trouble. You can see in this picture that aplying rein pressure also pulls the headstall behind the ears. My ‘okos’ hackamore has solved all this disadvantages!

The Bosal is a harsh instrument I will never use, and only ment for excellent riders and highly educated horses. The bosal is rock hard and placed directly on bony surface of the horse’s head.

Putting together all the good features of all the different existing bit less headstalls. While searching for the same fine communication bitted riding offers. I have come up with the ‘okos’ hackamore. Okos means ‘smart’ in the Hungarian language. And I am proud to tell you I have succeeded creating this wonderful friendly side pull/hackamore which is 100% effective and 100% safe and friendly for horse and rider. It is a complete concept with a special designed headstall. With speacial features for comfort and safety.

My prototype is ready to be tested and manufactured, the hackamore is put together for the function right now. Please note that the ‘Okos’ hackamore in the pictures is not the end product. New hackamores will be made by real harness leather and by profesional crafts man. The steel part will be rust free steel or brass.


Why is my ‘okos’ hackamore so different and better compared to other all existing bit less solutions on the market?

  1. Perfect relies, after a well-defined signal given by the reins.
  2. It is not using pain as control (english hackamores are inflicting pain) even when used with too much pressure the ‘okos’ hackamore will not hurt the horse. It simply cannot by means of design.
  3. The soft nose band is situated fairly high on the nose on solid bone structure.
  4. The chin chain, covered in latex is falling perfectly in the ‘curb’ groove under the horses chin. When used both reins in upward half halt, gives the same signal a curb bit would give, only without interfering in the mouth of the horse. This makes the ‘okos’ hackamore suitable for dressage as well.
  5. The cheek pieces stay where they are, no sliding upwards into the horses eyes.
  6. No pressure behind the horses ears.
  7. Can be used with one rein, lateral use will not make the hackamore flip over or collapse. helpful with younger horses and in emergency situations, when you need to turn your horse. Pulling horses never stop by pulling back. One rein stops are the answer, and the ‘okos’ hackamore will give this control if needed.
  8. The reins have a special safety feature, riding with opens reins like the western reins is safer in case the horse gets loose and steps into the reins but not everybody feels comfortable with long open reins,  my reins have safety ‘buckle’ in the middle which opens when the horse steps on the rein. This also safes your reins from braking. And prevents damage to the horse’s head.
  9. Suitable for all riding disciplines, including all levels. Green horses and for highly trained horses. Novice and experienced riders.
  10. I want the headstall being produced in Hungary, no chinese cheap manufacturing. Handmade and quality, and fair labour. It has to last a lifetime.

I will attend a balanced horse and rider clinic this coming weekend in Wiesenbach Austria, where I will ride with the ‘okos’ hackamore. And I will ask other riders if they would like to try it out. And give me feedback on their experience using it. This reports will be on my website. I will ask local horseman from Hungary also about their opinion. 

I am looking for co-creators now, who want to invest financially, maybe people who want to become resellers?  Test pilots, who can get the first ‘okos’ hackamores to use. I will be in charge of the manufacturing but I cannot evolve this plan on my own. Looking forward working with the co-creators. Any advise is welcomed.

I will start a special website for the co-creators where we can monitor the proces and where people can share ideas. So the product will be part of anyone who participates. That is why my word choice was to search for co-creators.

Let the horse be with you!


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