What have you ‘human’ done for me lately

Zonder titel10-1Our horses are pretty good in calculating what is in it for them. 

I want to share a few thoughts on keeping a good relationship with your horse. I have to add to this that this is only one tiny aspect of the happy horse concept. For example: If your horse lives in a stall half of his life deprived from nature and social contacts. You have to address that first.

  • Good is good enough.
  • Realize when you are in the telling style for too long and try more to keep a dialogue.
  • Pause often and long enough.
  • Know the moments you lose credits, and choose activities that are less demanding.
  • Let your horse lead you.
  • Gain more knowledge about the true nature of the horse, because lot of misunderstanding takes place because of the wrong perceptions.
  • Work on your self, and be quiet more.
  • If it looks ugly it is ugly.
  • Strive for freedom in your relationship.
  • Trust your heart.
  • Meditate.

Observations from my herd tell me about their relationships and how they ‘hook up’ with each other without the use of a lead line. And the funny thing is:

The horse who wants to be with another horse and cannot hold or direct it, simply follows his buddy around. And after a while they seem glued together. Sometimes one takes the first step sometimes the other.

The ‘absolute leadership’ style humans often expose is totally contra the true nature of horses.

I will keep spamming you with information. This concept will help a lot of horses and their humans to more joy.


How often do you see horses using tools?

Let the horse be with you!

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