Spring is in the air.


A good excample why it is not a good habbit as human to always go for the face of a horse. Humans always want to touch horses in the face. Look at horse behaviour. They do not cuddle eachother…. (this will be a topic later)

Onix and Ramon were playing stallion games in the morning after they woke up from a sleepy hour in the early morning sun rays. The sun rises early in Hungary. The rithm of the Hungarian low lands are different then in Holland.


My freshly painted wall. And a tree full of bees.

I am preparing the place for visitors. I decided that it would be good to invite true friends of the horse to join our herd for a while.

True lovers of the horse are welcomed to share knowledge and learn together.

People can bring their own horses.

Accomodations are available for minimum cost.


For now I am painting my house slowly but steady. Really freshing up the atmosphere.

Challenge, use my left arm and hand as much as possible. To keep myself symetrical. This is so important for horseriders. We want our horses to be straight…. we must be straight ourself.

Let the horse be with you.


And yes there will be a long read about Dominance and leadership. But it requires some work.

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