My horse my Zen-master.

Zonder titel8

I felt the need to work on my garden. Because there it is where the energy was stuck lately. If I am creating I often find myself surrounded by chaos, my mind is only on the task of the matter. I can untill a certain level perfectly live with some chaos. ‘It eases the mind if you do not feel the need for perfection all the time.’  But there is a limit, on this kind of easy.

I am working on the outside world now cleaning the garden painting the house. The horses are enjoying their new pasture so they do not miss me.

For me inner qualities were always more important than outher qualities. I always tend to look at the ‘intention’ behind the ‘act’ rather then the ‘act’ itself. This spring my cleaning drifts, are taken to a whole new level. I feel connected with everything. By creating order in my garden, I create order in my micro cosmos, and this is inherently paired with the macro cosmos. Suddenly I ‘feel’ the Feng Sui philosophy not by reading books about it, but by doing.

People judge you by outher appearances, horses do judge you by inner qualities. So I was kind of sloppy on the outher parts. Living with horses and dogs as companion for too long. My dogs never keep the yard tidy. I clean, and they dig holes.. Everything what looks like a ball or a stick will be used to play with and they never put things back where they have found it……

My renewed energy also has a lot to do with all exciting new things I am investigating with the sound resonances. I got in contact with source resonances, the creators of the ppds’s.

And my bit less headstall prototype is ready to see the world. I will bring it to the clinic in Austria. I would love to get feedback about it, and get some people involved co-creating my horse friendly bitless headstall. I will let as much people as possible ride with it. So exciting I cannot wait.

The best advertisement are happy horses and riders using my headstall. But I need some funds for registering my brand and some ideas. And manufacturing the first models.

I will be out again. Tonight I will write more. because there is so much cool stuff I need to share about horses. I feel blessed, and I wish you the same.

Let the horse be with you!







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