What goes around…

What goes around comes around.

Onix is a hot-tempered son of a PRE stallion and his bossy mother. For a while his language was always written in hooves and teeth. Specially on moments when he felt overwhelmed with emotions. When Ramon and Onix were weaned of, they had spent almost two years in the herd with their mothers.  But I had to take them out of the group because I only breed what I can feed.

For young stallions this maybe not even be such a strange event, as they form bachelors bands when they are young. But nevertheless stressful situation. Onix his emotions turned into outrage against Ramon. Ramon never reacted with aggression to Onix, and after a few days Onix changed his mind and stopped it by himself.

NOTE: Ramon is showing us the only reaction to stop aggression, a humans we have to be like him. Forget the illusion that humans have to dominate a horse. 

From that day on, they only played fighting, but that was non aggressively. They shared food with each other, and they were always carefull and polite with me.  They were happy little fellows, I have spent lots of time sharing territory with them. And they got some basic training. Hoof trimming, being haltered, being led and standing tied. And offcourse fly spray training. They stood along a road, so they could see some traffic sometimes.


Ramon and Onix, as bachellors last summer.

In December they were gelded, and in january I finally could reunite the whole group. Onix went straight back to his mother. And picked up his old pushy behaviour. Onix also fell in love with Fanny, a chestnut senior rescue arab. In his jealousy he chased away Dáma who was a good friend of Fanny. And he was so jealous he was realy mean to Dáma.

Csík found out that Ramon, will not yield for her grumpy manners, nor does he pick up a fight with her. ( Csik had a bad youth and she was never socialized, and she also could  turn her emotions into aggression.) Ramon his answers were so powerful that Csík is now so much kinder. The whole group is friendlier now.

All started with Ramon his wise manners. Just as Csík at first had influenced Onix with showing him to be aggressive. Just the same influence has  Ramon as well with his message he is not into a fight. And that is the new wave what is going around. Everybody loves peace, horses seek harmony. That will be our priority. That is something I personally strive for as well. How beautifull is that we are can progress on our way together.

Onix is the last one to change, but I can see he is re-thinking about his own behaviour.

Fanny walks over to Ramon more and more, they all like to be with Ramon. I witnessed this happening the first time. I was walking in the group with my horses. Onix was next to me, and when  he saw Fanny left him, his first reaction was looking angry.. But also I saw that he noticed kicking or biting somebody would not bring him back Fanny to him. I could hear him thinking. And I see him changing.

I only needed to cheer up Dáma, she was not happy. That is why Dáma got classical homeopathic treatment, massages and I found out that she longs to have one more foal, one that will stay with her so she can see it growing up.


Onix and Dáma eating together.

How things go around in a group is fascinating to watch. They form their characters under influence of the dynamics of the band. They learn from their own behaviour. And I am so grateful that I am part of it. Not only the horses influence each other. We as their humans are part of it as well. Everything is connected. That is the biggest gift horses can show us.

Let the horse be with you!


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