Transformational days.

Wednesday I had a conversation with Dáma, she showed me her sorrow. She was sad that she had no foals anymore. She always had foals and they were taken away from her. She sees Onix and Ramon grow up. And she just wants one for herself and stay together When I promised her that she can have a foal I reliesed her back to the pasture. She went straight up to Onix and  started grazing next to him. Like that was the most normal thing to do. I am amazed again, how well Dáma responds to her homeopathic treatment. I have to stop it now and see what happens.

Onix is so in love with Fanny that he chased Dáma viciously because  he is so jealous that he tolerated nobody with his mare… ( Onix not so smart, he could have a harem of two…young boy has to learn a lot)  Onix could not handle his emotions well. And tries to solve every problem with aggression. It is not really thinking, but rather reacting.


Yesterday, our field transformed.

Yesterday, we had to move from the big pasture, into the paddock because they are plowing a few hectare of our fields this is a big transformation in our habitat! The horses first had to go into the paddock while I was setting up the electric fencing for the new field. I observed them closely, and they can all eat together. Csíki who was always the bossy factor in our group is also transforming into a nicer version of herself. This is great to see. And I owe Ramon a huge thanks for that. Ramon is a peace maker by birth. He is born that way. So basically there is no need for Dáma to stay out of the group like she did lately she was just severely depressed. All the horses are kind to eachother and can eat together in peace. A 22 year old wise mare who had put many foals into this world should not let herself be chased around by a 3 year old inexperienced little boy.


Csík Fanny and Onix eating together


Onix and his mother Csík


Dáma, Ramon and Fanny.


Ramon and Csík.

I was super happy that today the change in Dáma was still there. They were eating together, what a transformation. Onix chasing her was almost common practise at feeding time. And look what happens now!


Onix and Dáma are eating together!

I checked in with Dáma today, when it was supplement feeding time. I gave her a massage and I asked her again about a foal. She gave a clear answer, as soon as I asked she totally relaxed under my hands and she started yawning and that lasted a few minutes. That can be seen as a big tension reliese. I spend a few minutes in total peace with Dáma, in silence.  But our conversations are also held in silence, they are spoken directly from heart to heart. This is new to me, so I have undergone transformations myself as well.


Moving our flag, this field will be plowed this day, it transforms.


Last week I could not dream they would share food together.

The true nature of the Horse, ladies and gentleman! Is sharing food peacefully with beloved herd members. They form lifelong bonds and love each other.

Domesticated horses are aggressive because they have a lot of problems. They can not develop mentally and emotionally. Besides from all other stresses they have to endure because they have so many factors that are not natural for them.

I you see my horse Onix, he had that phase of turning his emotions into aggression. He is young and has to learn, and I see that with the help of the group they form their character. If they are given the right circumstances. And they always aim for the peace. That is why I love them so much. And I want to encourage people to really understand the nature of the horse. Because there is so much misunderstanding going on.

My next blog will be about,   what goes around comes around. The good and the bad, but if you let horses choose the herd will always prefer harmony.

It is cold and it is raining, I will be writing today.

Let the horse be with you!

2 thoughts on “Transformational days.

  1. Annemieke Friedrichs says:

    🙂 Mankind can learn a lot from horses in herds with regard to living together in peace and harmony … and how to behave when we have a disagreement … how to share space and food, etc. ❤ ❤ ❤


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