Self reflexions.

The best way to learn and develop yourself is absolutely to have a good trainer who helps you from the ground. Unfortunately I simply do not have access to a trainer of my choice at home. Bent Branderup’s  video’s help me with my theoretical education, and there are more online sources of help. But putting everything into practice is way easier if there is a pair of eyes on the ground. For that purpose I video myself when I am riding.

Zonder titel33

My problem was, that if I take a correct seat according to the bending of my horse. I always felt my outside hip got weighted more. And it must be equal or slightly on the inside seatbone.

The video showd me, I sit too much backwards. And that happens if I bring my inside shoulder back, my whole body goes too much back. This resulted in more weight to my outside seatbone.

I tried this out sitting in a chair on my seatbones. For me it worked better if I concentrated on my outside shoulder turning into the direction. That kept my weight more up and slightly to my inside as supposed to.  It is in the tiny details that you have to experiment yourself if you have no teacher.

Zonder titel34

Travers to right, and I want to make a 1/4 pirouette that’s why I look  to the right. I would like to see more stretching in the collected movement I see too much tension and if I understood well correct bending of the hind limbs can only occure if the horse is stretchable on the topline .

Zonder titel32

My always patient riding teacher, waiting for me to find out, I owe her so much.

I am happy that I will have lessons in April, so I am looking forward to that.

Lucky me I go to a Balanced rider and horse clinic given by Lucie Klaassen. In Austria in April,  I will be a riding participant.  She can help me more on this challenges. She has some cool things in her toolbox : straightness training, centered riding, body awareness for riders and she is a student of Bent Branderup in the academic art of riding.

And I have got a virtual trainer as well. Sometimes I book a lesson with Carola Beekman.

Carola Beekman equestrian image coaching.


Let the horse be with you!

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