PPD resonances and horses.

How did I get to know PPD’S ? That was last year. And they had such an impact, I was totally in the moment after listening to the sounds for 20 minutes. I walked up to the horses, who were enjoying the first sun after a period of rain. I felt the need to walk to a dry spot and to lie down on the soil. Csík came to me and she lied down next to me. We had the same feeling it was so peaceful.  Horses LOVE this peace. Through listening to the resonances we are tuned differently. Horses and reptilian thinking do not match each other.

We all know that if we act like a predator we put stress on our horse. Some horsemanship metods thrive on flight responses from horses. I call this reptilian action, not showing any enlightment.



Uncounsiously we also can trigger stress in horses even if we think we are relaxed,  we are ruled by an over active reptilian survival part of our brain. This stress is what horses react on instinctly, so the horse gets raised stress levels, the connection can get more difficult. The thinking part of horse gets more or less disrupted. How great would it be to turn down this part of our brain..

This reptilian brain of us does not need so much power, and did you know that it is overworked in our times, this 50 milion year old part of our brain cannot cope with so much input. The majority Humans live in chronic stress mode.


PPD resonances are packed in sea sounds on mp3.

The reptilian brain does not like to listen to us, it likes to demand us to fulfill our needs also when they are not needed. Our society thrives on this energy that is our stress. There is a simple way to put it on stand by. It can be done with resonances packed into mp3 sounds. Or if you prefer… the hard way…. 20 years of yoga.

Everything is energy and energy frequencies can be measured with modern technics. Energy waves and sound waves have even similar forms they go through every cell in our body, I think that is why the ppd resonances are so powerful. Sound is the ultimate carrier of energy resonances.

I started with a PPD program last week, and I am monitoring myself. One of my big interests around horses is in mastering my energy and connect on that level. I feel PPD’s have such a potential.  I had this week my transformations as you possibly have read. One of the remarkable events is that when I did some training with Csíki. After the training I had no self judgement or bad feeling about 100 things that could have gone better…. This can sometimes ruins the rest of my day. Leting go of what was, is vital for a peaceful mind, but often so difficult to do.


This time I felt instantly the difference. As soon as my shoe hit the ground it felt quiet. There was an emptyness, but a good one. I have overwon a lots of obstacles but this one was effortless. Just by listening the PPD’s .

You use the PPD’S for a period of time. For best results you can use exercises to help you to use mindfulness in a certain way. The effect is bigger then and it recommended to keep a log.

I am working on the excersizes now, based on many years of  mindful experience. Especially for equestrians, for confidence, inner calmness, better focus, or  better connection with your horse. It does not matter if you do not experience problems, the PPD’s help everybody to have the best possible state of mind for being with horses.  And the positive effects will show up in all aspects of your life.

If you would like to listen to your own free PPD you can click on the following link:

Get your free PPD and listen to it

Stay tuned, I would say.

And Let the horse be with you.

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