What are nose bands good for?


To make a comfortable cavesson!

Did you know that you have to be able to slide your hand under the nose band for a proper fit. But If it is left  too loose is also not kind. Because then it rubs the horse.

And if you tighten it more it puts not only pressure on the nose. Behind the ears as well. This can be pretty uncomfortable for horses. They somehow learn to tolerate it.

A hand wide works best. And my horses can eat with the cavesson on their nose.


I cannot think of a better purpose of this equipment.


Prety Onix who is learning to be  a sweet boy.

I have a lot to write about, and not too much time at the moment. 

I am working on an article about ‘leadership’ and ‘dominance’ the FACTS.

I had a good talk with Dáma. I know what is bothering her.

And I did some selflearning student discoveries, I could solve a problem with riding. I could see why my weight was always tending to slide to the outside seatbone. And I had a mental improvement, after my riding I can be really critical on myself. This can be hard to let go. Suddenly I was free from this self judgement, it felt so strange.  I am listening to ppd’s at the moment. They are healing resonances mixed into sea sounds. 

Oh and I almost forgot, that I noticed some behavioural waves in the herd, what goes around comes around. That will be a topic for The cognitive horse catagory.

Let the horse be with you!

Legyen a ló veled!




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