Dáma is on homeopatic treatment again.


This is my senior horse Dáma, a pure bred Lipizzaner (favory/…) 22 years old. She has whole history without me. Just when I thought that we would be fine together. She got an eye infection last summer. The treatment in de clinic was a real  torture to her.

When I got her home again, she did a few days well. But I could tell she was in pain. After a month hospital I did not want to send her back again. The inflamation was gone. Only the eye was painful. She sadly had lost the sight as well. But still sensitive to light. She was emotionally and physically not well. She had a major set back she withdraw herself from the world.

With the help of a consult by internet with  Clasical Homeopath Martine du Floo,  Dáma was doing great after not even one week of giving her the treatment. Her body started to heal itself. And my believe in her recovery came back as well, to be honest I felt so hopeless to be of any help to her. But my emotions recovered at the same time I was helping Dáma.

gedrag.jpg Martine du Floo with her own horses.

During the winter, we could use one of the botles of homeopatic drops again, she got diarrhea. Again a mysterious recovery after just a few days. With Dáma her  emotional trauma is reflecting on her physical well-being. We are quite similar in that.  I reflect back on her situation with awareness. Helping her is helping me, and helping myself is helping her. In these situations I can touch the energy and how everything is connected

At the moment she is withdrawing again, she stays out of the herd and she lets herself buly around by a young gelding Onix. We started the treatment again.

And to get her back into the world again, I give her massage all over her body with leather gloves on. She is not rejecting my touch. That is important. During the massage I am closely feeling how she reacts. And I tune my energy to something that she needs. Stepping away from her to feel if she is still okay.  I can see her brightening up from the massages and extra attention. She seeks me more and more.


My mission is to have her fully back into this world, she is such a majestic being, she deserves to be her full potential again. Because of her past traumas, she is not the most easy horse for me to connect with. But that is why I learn so much from her. My horses are my teachers after all. And there is so much more to discover about them.

Let the horse be with you!


3 thoughts on “Dáma is on homeopatic treatment again.

  1. Melanie Charlton says:

    Your article inspired me! I also have a majestic senior Lippizaner mare with a difficult past…we are very slowly establishing a relationship that is based on trust…we know each other now for just over a year.
    Your sentence ” tuning my energy into something that she needs” really made me reflect on my behaviour when my mare has a phase where she withdraws from me…not feeling connected. I tried it today…and it worked! I could get her back connected and relaxing in my company simply in paying attention to her needs …
    thanks Esther!


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