Rider fitness, shoulder freedom, tension reliese.

I noticed lately that my shoulders hold a lot of tension, they lack a good ‘shoulder freedom’ and I wake up sometimes in the morning because my arms get sleepy. The doctor would call it frozen shoulder. The only remedie is movement.

This exercise is great for getting my shoulders mobile again. And as a result of working on my shoulders, I gained more energy. It was just all stuck in my shoulders.

I dusted off my hungarian shepherd whip. It is a great way to get a fast intensive work out. I aim to do everything symmetrical, there is some thinking involved, and concentration. Because if you make a mistake, you will ‘whip’ yourself, this hurts believe me.








I feel mentaly refreshed, and I can feel a difference in my body. After just 5 sessions of this whip workout, during two days. Body workout is a powerful way to let all your tension out. My shoulders got more free, this results in relaxation. And because of the balance you must keep in your body, it works on your core muscles as well.

As an alternative for the whip, I realize most of you simply do not have such tools at home. You can fill up a strong grocery bag, and put some weight in it. And swing it around, above your head around your body, in movement alternating left and right hand. Try and experiment. Or maybe you can produce something with a rope and stick, get creative. 

Get out of your mind and into your body. Body and mind are closely connected. Thanks to my horses who inspire me to work on myself.

Let the horse be with you!


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