The story of Victor.

Life will be understood living backwards. How believes and thoughts influence our life and therefore our horses. Diving in my own history there are so many keys to be found the horses gave to me. Continue reading....

What have you ‘human’ done for me lately

Our horses are pretty good in calculating what is in it for them.  I want to share a few thoughts on keeping a good relationship with your horse. I have to add to this that this is only one tiny aspect of the happy horse concept. For example: If your horse lives in a stall … Continue reading What have you ‘human’ done for me lately

Where you find connection.

Horses can teach you the power of absoluut quiet. There is a connection in the deepest quiet with the endlesness. That is the realm of the horse spirit. And the place to connect with all. I am following this road. I have my horses as zen masters. If you are able to be quiet, you … Continue reading Where you find connection.

The story of Excellent.

This story is from my early days with horses when I was 13, 14. I would like to share this because it illustrates where my fascination comes from. How our emotions, intentions and thoughts are influencing our horses. In less extreme cases it maybe missed but I was lucky to be aware of the process … Continue reading The story of Excellent.

Spring is in the air.

Onix and Ramon were playing stallion games in the morning after they woke up from a sleepy hour in the early morning sun rays. The sun rises early in Hungary. The rithm of the Hungarian low lands are different then in Holland. I am preparing the place for visitors. I decided that it would be … Continue reading Spring is in the air.

My horse my Zen-master.

I felt the need to work on my garden. Because there it is where the energy was stuck lately. If I am creating I often find myself surrounded by chaos, my mind is only on the task of the matter. I can untill a certain level perfectly live with some chaos. 'It eases the mind … Continue reading My horse my Zen-master.

PPD resonances and horses.

The PPD’s help everybody to have the best possible state of mind for being with horses. And the positive effects will show up in all aspects of your life.

Self reflexions.

The best way to learn and develop yourself is absolutely to have a good trainer who helps you from the ground. Unfortunately I simply do not have access to a trainer of my choice at home. Bent Branderup's  video's help me with my theoretical education, and there are more online sources of help. But putting … Continue reading Self reflexions.

What goes around…

What goes around comes around. Onix is a hot-tempered son of a PRE stallion and his bossy mother. For a while his language was always written in hooves and teeth. Specially on moments when he felt overwhelmed with emotions. When Ramon and Onix were weaned of, they had spent almost two years in the herd … Continue reading What goes around…