Foundation training, building trust and confidence.

My principles always come down to the connection I share with my horses so it is important to me that they learn to feel Safe with me where ever I take them. They can rely on me, and to keep everything positive I take notion of their feelings and I aim to help, if they need assistance.

7 practical tips for calmness when your horse gets tensed on a trail ride.

If you have problems with your horse getting tensed when you are hacking out, it is important to have control over yourself. Trying to control your horse will typically produce more tension. The worse thing to do is pulling the reins this will put more fuel on the fire. Depending on the situation there are lots of things you can do.

Want versus allow, a big difference for your horse.

A fine example of the need to be aware of your energy. Lesson given to me by Onix and Ramon. Make energy work for you.

The ‘thinking’ horse.

Horses do think! And they have the right to develope their cognitive abilitys. Observations from my herd show me proof everyday. It is a real plessure to be around horses who have the chance to develope as individuals and use their brains.

Is your horse allowed to speak?

Communication is a two way street. Is your horse a slave and just operating out of learnd helplesnes. Or is your horse allowed to give its opinion, and has the right to say no? Valuable tips that will improve your partnership with your horse.