Mindful horsemanship inspiration 4


Horses are perfect energy readers, so if we are wise we take mindfulness in action.

Did you realize that happiness,  exciting super the pooper happy, Is felt as tension by horses?  They can translate excitement energy into tension. Even if you think you have tuned down before you arrived at your horse. Even then your horse senses this excitement. And that is confusing. Horses only show this excitement: with food, sex or play, fight and flight, otherwise horses are pretty zen. They know how to preserve energy for when it is really needed.

Maybe you are not happy the peppy but you run all day to get your job done, you think you are relaxed when you are with your horse but he is still aware of your state. Buisy stressy life… and you wonder why your horse is so tensed….

And if you feel deep down inside, you know,  if you are too excited or too stressed about something. It will  just drain  your daily dose of energy. What a waist. And what a luck the we have horses to teach us to be balanced. They show me one on one. I cannot hide myself from my horse. So why not use it?

Let the horse be with you!




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