Comming soon!

Really happy to notice people like my blog!

Since I upgraded into my own domain name my shares on facebook had set back to zero. But my latest blog was already eleven times shared. Whoop whoop…

Time is sacred, so every minute you spend on the internet can be waisted or… can be used to find inspiration and learn and grow. That is why my intention is to give lots of valuable information. Because there is no time to waste. Life must be lived.

I am preparing for my upcomming next blog posts now. And it is really exciting, because I have created a dressage pattern designer. I am setting it up on the field today. And will tell you all about it soon! There will be a free download so everybody can use it.

And I will show you powerful use of ppd’s, to get into the perfect state of mind. With a link for free download.  And I will share tips on how you can use them with your own personal guided meditation to work trough fear or confidence issues.

Stay tuned,

Let the horse be with you!

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