Want versus allow, a big difference for your horse.

I remember so well, the moment that highlighted this subject for me. It is such an important concept to have in mind when you are with your horse.

It was last spring and my horses were shedding their coats. Ramon and Onix were just weaned and shared a paddock together apart from the herd. They were really lucky because they stayed almost two years with their mothers. Having the opportunity to develop socially in natural circumstances, but they were two colts so I had to separate them that spring.

Itching skin because of the shedding gave me a good reason to touch them everywhere, horse are in general not really pleased with human touch. Unless there is a good reason, so they can benefit, thereby giving the scratches a good purpose. They enjoyed it so much, especially Ramon was so funny, he made odd faces and really gave himself over and always begged me to touch him. standing like a giraffe  when I scratched his neck. So when a friend came over I asked her to make pictures of me and my ‘boys’. As soon they saw me they were suspicious. And when I walked up to them they would step back. I could not really come close either. What happened? It was…. me, my energy.

The big difference was, I wanted so much to have a few nice pictures of me and my horses. They felt it like pressure, horses are prey animals and natural instinct to keep them safe made them react aversive. Sensitive as young horses are they were better safe then sorry. It demonstrates for me how carefull you have to be with your energy, and if you are aware. It can help you having a much more delicate relationship with your horse, if you understand what they perceive as pressure. The stronger you want something of your horse the more likely they will stay away try to ‘keep safe’ . They also are sensitive to us humans looking straight at them. Think of a beam of energy coming out of your belly button. And your posture. We are used to go straight to our goal, upright secure posture that is a lot of energy and typical for hunters as we are as human. Keep your shoulders low and be aware of your beem of energy as well as your thoughts. If you know where your energy goes you can direct it in your advantage.

This was a valuable reminder for me, and because of this event I am even more tuned into my energy every single step I take every moment. If you can resonate to them that you do not want anything of them, and just simply ‘be’ and allow things to happen you get a whole different horse. Who is more likely to work together with you. Horses are highly sensitive beings and they can show you a mirror if you are willing to have a close look at yourself. You can fine tune yourself, how wonderful is that ha?

The downside of their sensitivity is that they will protect themselves if they are always handled without consideration of pressure and energy, they put up a wall around them. And that is how they appear to be dull and non responsive. That is a typical man-made problem and quite common.

I can fully relate to Klaus Ferdinant Hempfling who says. I do not seek the horse, the horse seeks me. I totally love his approach of horsemanship.

Let the horse be with you!


How to tune your energy? Read more : PPD’s and horses.





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