Mindful horsemanship inspiration 4

Horses are perfect energy readers, so if we are wise we take mindfulness in action.

Dressage pattern design-tool, go creative in the squares. Download your free pdf’s now.

Get your dressage horse out of the arena, exercise is essential, but variety is the glue that keeps your training interesting. The Square boxes that I came up with, are a real fitness room for your horse.

Endless pattern inspiration with squares.

This decievenly simple set up,but you can use it like a fitness school for you and your horse. For Csiki it is important to make straight long lines as well. I want to be carefull with her she has sensitive hocks and she is a little overweight. Now I can ride her on the pasture for some cardio, then go over to the boxes and do some concentrated work. To go out again for some happy laps on long rein. Flat work so to say, in walk trot and canter.

Comming soon!

Time is sacred, so every minute you spend on the internet can be waisted or... can be used to find inspiration and learn and grow. That is why my intention is to give lots of valuable information. Because there is no time to waste. Life must be lived. I am working on some really exciting things now!

Spirit before body.

I am deeply inspired by the academic art of riding. I was never drawn to dressage, the few lessons I had in the past both me and my horse did not enjoy. And modern competition dressage I can hardly look at without crying. READ MORE.......

Mindful horsemanship inspiration 3

This happened to me. That is why my horse Csik really helps me to staying the moment. Read more.....

Is your horse hard to catch?

Lets get into real problem solving instead dealing with a symptom. Read more.......

Mindful horsemanship inspiration 2

Our equines always live in the present, and they are fully aware of our mental and emotional energy. Read more...

Pressure-release or Punishment-release? You make the difference.

They call it teaching the horse to yield for pressure... Most horses first response to the yo-yo game is bracing against the pressure/pain. Because that is the nature of horses. Then the human adds more pressure/pain, this causes stress and conflict in the horse. Read more.....