‘Leadership’ does not equal ‘dominance’! boundaries are needed and healthy , but do not nag on your horse. I have a real bossy mare in my herd, guess what she does not have a lot of friends. Most horses avoid just being with her, don’t be like my mare it’s so simple.

What we refer to in horsemanship as ‘leadership’ is more likely a result of conditioning, as ethological  studies point out there is no evidence of fixed leadership. Any horse in the group can take the lead. Mostly groups of friends follow each other.

Welcome on my blog, there are hundreds of thousands of blogs and websites about horses. Still I feel the need to help give HORSES  a voice because they are still often MISUNDERSTOOD or not allowed to SPEAK for themselves. There IS a revolution going on in the horse world and I am a REVOLUTIONARIST. Nowadays horses are not needed anymore to serve  us as a machine, they are kept out of LOVE, so we need to reconsider horsemanship methods that were used to  create the perfect slaves out of them. And evolve into horsemanship based on true PARTNERSHIP. We live in an era where we have access to so much knowledge and wisdom lets use it. Horses are my greatest TEACHERS in personal development. In physical, mental, spiritual and emotional dimensions. My goal is to inspire people and share knowledge with each other. Let the horse be with you !

5 thoughts on “Home

  1. jamesdeeclayton says:

    Beautiful! This has given my some light and revelation! I have strong feelings about horses, but have yet to fully explore my connection with them. Enjoying your site… Peace to you x


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